Start 2012

HELLO BLOG!!! Where have I been?! Photo Montage time!

 New baby in the family

Lots of blogging and reporting

Eat a lot of this

Came back to this

Mastered the Noraebang remote

Fell in love with Satsuki and shook hands with Kaya!

Went to HK for CNY, got lots of red packets :D

Went to HK Disney land, stayed in Disney hotel!

Went to Macau

Tried a Broccoflower? It was weird.

Went to Musicbank in Paris, saw lots of hot Korean people

Realised I have an impressive converse collection. :D


Merry Christmas 2011

Just wanted to wish everyone 
a MERRY CHRISTMAS from London! :D

I wish you all good food and good times with family and friends and a Christmas filled laughter! :)

Gifts and Christmas sales shopping is not important although I would also like to wish you all many success during the crazy sales :P BRING IT ON!


Suck my Richard

LOL ~ Awesome

From : http://unifclothing.com/shop/suck-my-richard

I also have a friend called Richard Cheung.  Cheung is Long in Cantonese.  True story.


Happy Monday 19.12.11

Its the penultimate Monday of the year 2011!!!

Happy Monday!

What I and many others around the world want for Xmas... :P


Life in a goldfish bowl

The piece itself, Kim Hyun Jun told us, represents ethnic minorities in a foreign country. While they may be living within a society, they can often feel isolated and like an outsider.
- From Korean Class MASSIVE

Recently at the London Korean Cultural Centre, there was a rather interesting display featuring live goldfish. And before you guys go crazy, I just want to point out that the gold fishes are all removed at the end of the day and put into a proper tank and that this display has been ok-ed with the aquatic association.  Also when we went to speak with the man, he was putting oxygen tablets into all the tanks.  Crazy caring!

Anyways, this awesome display is actually a lot deeper then wow! Lots of pretty gold fishes nicely organised.  It has a deep message about how a foreigner, no matter how integrated into the society, will never quite feel like they belong.  They will forever be seen as goldfishes kept in their separate fish bowl.  Ok I'm totally crap at explaining deep stuff...

I was born and raised in Britain, went to school like any other British child except when I went home I would watch Eastenders whilst eating my dinner with chopsticks, and we'll have rice instead of chips.  Even though Chinese migrants have been in Britain for AGES, I understand if people still assume I am a overseas student or that I don't speak English.  But what really annoys me is when I'm with a bunch of white friends all talking in English and some people are still shocked to find out I speak English.  I'm sorry, how did you think I communicated with these fellow friends? Did you assume they speak Chinese or something? There has been moments when I have felt like the goldfish looking in from the fish bowl as people spoke to my English friends and ignoring me as they assumed my white friends spoke Chinese :(

Life as a foreign British person is hard and I'm sure everyone understands so I won't go on about it, especially with all the recent youtube video of racist people on public transport (WHERE IS THE HUMANITY?!).  But what I wanted to talk about is the other side of being a British Born Chinese.  The Chinese side... Apparently I am very obviously foreign.  I don't know what it is, you can just tell, its all in the attitude, the dress or maybe the way I speak Cantonese.  Although most people just assume I've lived in the UK for too long, my Cantonese is so good that some people think I'm HK born B-/  So anyways, in Hong Kong, many people refer to us as "white girls".  Ironic isn't it ¬_¬ They treat us like foreigners and talk to us in Chinese like we're deaf "CAN YOU USE CHOP STICKS?"  Its frustrating. Its like where ever I am, I just don't belong.  Even if I feel I belong, that moment of happiness is always shattered by a moment of cold harsh reality like a slap in the face :(  Lalala English English English "So, are you flying back home for Christmas?" Lalala Cantonese "Oh wow, I thought white girls are scared of Chicken feet".  You know, at dim sum, and yes, I like chicken feet, or as the Chinese like to call it, Pheonix claw.  :D

So this display and message really spoke to me.  I totally understand what its like to be a goldfish.  Life is hard, forever alone in my goldfish bowl with no great ocean (pond?) where I can return to and really feel part of something.

But then, it also makes me realise how awesome my friends are.  They see the goldfish bowl and they come jumping right in.  And together, we make our own special goldfish bowl.  Where other people can look in and see us being super happy in our own little world? Or we move all our goldfish bowls together so we can be our own little gang of goldfish bowls? Ok I'm finding this analogy kinda hard to word. Bowl, bowl? Bowl bowl boooowl.  But thank you to all my friends for making me feel there's always someone out there I can swim to :)


Attacked by Santa

London has this annual Santa run thing where everyone dresses up as Santa and... go be merry? I'm not exactly sure what is suppose to happen on these Santa runs but they've always sounded like a bit of harmless fun.  Until I (involuntarily) experienced it myself...

I popped into the office on Saturday to get some work done when I suddenly started hearing lots of shouting outside.  Thinking oh crap, its another protest O_O ala:

Union protests.  Ah the joys of working in central London...

Only to be greeted with something a lot less scary, infact, the MOST INSANE AND RANDOM :

I was completely surrounded!!! 

 Santas to the front of me
Santas to the left of me, Santas to the right of me....

It was hilarious :D And I had awesome view up on my balcony.  So I snapped away and got some awesome photos of some more interesting costumes and who put in significantly more effort:

AWESOME! Damn you red baloon for blocking!

Then I started noticing missiles heading towards me.  At first it was chocolate coins and candy WIN.  But then it turned ugly.  I started getting hit with brussel sprouts the size of iceberg lettuces.  It was horrible.  Then I started noticing all the beer cans everywhere.  The happiness quickly turned into cold harsh reality.  As much as this Santa run is suppose to be a bit of fun, a minor amount of Santas were using this to cause trouble.  They were going up this one way street causing havok on the busy London Saturday traffic.  And when people in cars were trying to get through people started blocking them and taunting them, banging on cars and possibly ruining small children's dreams of Santas FOREVER.  I for sure quickly developed a fear of Santa on that day...

I quickly ran back into my office and waited till it was safe to go meet friends.  On my way, I walked passed Trafalgar square where apparently the Santa ran began... It was such a mess, rubbish EVERYWHERE, it was like an Apocalypse hit

 The Santa aftermath

On my way home a lot of police had gathered at Trafalgar square surrounding a couple of Santas drinking by the lions.  We hot stepped it out of there as it looked like shit was about to go down.  Its really sad how these fun and exciting events in London always get turned into such chaos by a few trouble making minors. Another example is the Notting Hill Carnivals which has been now nicknamed "Murder Mondays". Why can't a bunch of Santas just get all dressed up and have some harmless fun? He is suppose to be Saint Nick at the end of the day, but by Saturday night, he was very much Satan, no typo. 

But lets end this on a more positive note.  As the Santa run is suppose to be a fun event for all the family!!! Apart from almost experiencing death by brussel sprouts, I have to say it was really fun in the beginning.  Its not something you see everyday!!! With so many Santas, it was like a Wheres Wally moment come to live!!! :D

10 days to Christmas!


Random Fashion things

Some random yet awesome things from the internet lately...
I hate being poor.  :(

Bat man + baggy sweaters =

Left. Leather + Fur + Studs = Coolest backpack EVAR!
So simple yet so cool.  Jeremy Scott for Adidas WANT. Right

Studs are always cool.  Love simple casual fashion with quirky items



That is all.



Well last week was a crazy week!!! Thank you to all those who supported and believed in me!!! VIP BABY!!! It happened!!! Hence I have been crazily blogging on the official Korean Class MASSIVE blog, SO MANY PHOTOS O_O And also got to play with a super zoom lens on the DLSR.  OMG, I really want to kit myself up should such a awesome opportunity arise again.  This time I was lucky and would like to thank for wonderful friend (codename) Jim for lending me her camera :') Got some amazing pictures!

The beautiful and super polite 4Minute.  When they walked pass us we felt like this ( ) small because they were just so radiant and glowing.  Actual Goddesses.  And the glamourous GNa.


LOL Best Photo EVAR. Lol ok thats kinda mean, heres a normal photo.

Well relatively normal.  But aren't they super adorable.  Their routines were so intense it was hard getting a clear photo but que many awesome photos like the above :D 

Then, the best performance for me is when my girl crush HyunA and my new MASSIVE boy crush Hyunseung performed the latest single Trouble maker, this was only the second Live performance ever! And it was here in London B-/  Sexual.

We got our VIP passes (after a lot of panic and stressing) but only one press pass between the 3 of us so being the awesome unnies that we are, we let the youngest of us go into the press conference as she was also the biggest fan.  But, like a Boss, we though, fuck this and walked in afterwards (me up ahead fiddling with DLSR camera looking important).  We walked in, no questions asked.  WIN.  We were in the same room and in super close proximity to some of the most beautiful people I have ever seen in real life...  Will post more once photos get published over at Koreanclassmassive.blogspot.com

All photos credit to the MASSIVE

And because its a Monday, heres a Happy Monday photo I actually took myself :D

The amazing Beast Leader Doojoon and the muscular KiKwang

Have a good week everyone!!!


Happy Cube Monday

Today is the United Cube concert in London!!! Woop!!! Me and my friends are hopefully going as VIPs unless someone is playing a really cruel joke on us TT^TT  *fingers crossed*  Anyways in honour of Cube here is a Beast related Happy Monday! :D

Happy Monday folks!!! Lets hope this is a good start to the rest of the week!!! :D


Want : Dr Martens

I have always wanted a pair of Dr Martens. But they are so expensive. It would be the most I have ever spent on footwear. But they are Dr Martens, they last FOREVER. Total investment buy. Better then a designer handbag infact. As a Londoner I should have a pair of Dr Martens, I need a pair of Dr Martens. It is wrong for me to live in such close proximity to the legendary Camden and not own a pair!!!  Soon my lovely, you will be mine...

My chosen ones.  Brown and fur lined! :D 

Actually maybe I should go for a black pair instead... They are more versatile, classic and timeless... But FUR LINED... This is going to be hard.  I don't think trying them help either...  

I hate how indecisive I was TT^TT